Anthony William's 28-Day Healing Cleanse

A diet for creating maxium change

Our bodies love us, unconditionally. Our bodies do not judge us or hold on to resentment. Our bodies work hard, day in and day out to keep us going. Our immune systems are constantly on the lookout for invaders and pathogens that might harm us, while finding ways to excrete toxins and repair any damage done due to injury or bad habits.

Because our bodies are so wonderful, we often take its hard work for granted and become so complacent about its ability to keep us alive that we abuse them by ingesting things without even thinking of the implications. This can create a tremendous amount of confusion within the body; the body identifies a desire to eat certain foods, yet it also knows that these foods are not healthy for us. Over time, these destructive behaviors will cause the body to react and try to get our attention in order to help us notice that our habits are harming us.

Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal. As soon as we change directions, and begin to supply the body and soul with the energy and food they need, things will quickly turn around. It is important that we see our bodies as a best friend that is always looking out for us. Our bodies will never lie to us. Our bodies will always find a way to tell us when we are going off in the wrong direction. When we lovingly connect with our bodies and listen to what they are telling us, it will help guide us towards healing.

The 28 day Healing Cleanse

There are many different diets and approaches for healing disease, lowering weight, cholesterol, blood sugar and more. Many will attest to a particular diet, and that is great, however, if the diet you have been following doesn’t work like it used to, or if you are experiencing disease or having trouble losing weight, this approach works wonders.

The 28 Day Healing Cleanse is taken from Anthony William’s book – Medical Medium, and is based on a diet of only fresh fruits and vegetables for 28 days. Fruits and vegetables absorb sunlight to produce sugars and chemicals necessary for our survival. These foods hold an extremely high vibration and have the ability to heal our bodies in ways no other substance can.

A raw food diet can be challenging for many, and if this overwhelms you, start gradually by following the diet for a couple of days a week, or even half a day. Assess your situation and identify what your goals are. If you want to see maximum change in a minimum period of time - I recommend you stick to the program.

This program maximizes the amount of nutrients in each meal, containing the highest level of bioavailable nutrients possible, providing every system and organ with what it needs to heal. If you don’t have access to organic food, don’t worry. Conventionally grown produce also provides the nutrients your body needs.

The digestive system plays a central role in supporting the immune system. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain live enzymes that assist in digestion, thus making their assimilation energy efficient. Cooked and processed foods do not have live enzymes, therefore a tremendous amount of energy is required in order to properly digest them. The more we eat cooked food, the more energy we use for digestion, which means, the less energy we have for healing.

This program re-ignites not only the body, but our soul as well. When our diet is composed of fresh produce we become alkaline. This prevents the formation of plaque in the blood vessels, prevents kidney stones, builds stronger bones, reduces muscle wasting or spasms, accelerates the healing process, and much more. Fresh fruits and vegetables receive their nourishment from the soil, water and sun. When we eat these foods in their natural state, we ingest the healing energy of sunlight, purified water and nourishment from Gaia – Mother Earth. Fresh food is alive and vibrates in synchronicity with its surroundings. When we eat more of these foods, our bodies align with the forces of nature.

The Program

For 28 days you will eat only foods that heal and energize you – fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic. This diet has a minimal amount of fats, and should be accompanied by lots of energized water and drinks. For those who feel the food is bland, Himalayan salt can be used as needed.

Early morning

It is best to start the day with a drink that optimizes the natural process of detoxification that occurs when you sleep by drinking a glass of water with lemon, celery or cucumber juice, coconut water with spirulina and/or barley wheat grass juice powder. An herbal tea also works well. My recommendation is to continue drinking hydrating beverages throughout the day to remedy any chronic dehydration that can slow down the detox process.


Breakfast is based on a fruit salad or smoothie composed of 3 bananas, 2 dates, and a cup of frozen berries. If you are still hungry an additional banana, papaya, pear or mango can be added. Another possibility is to add a handful of spinach, cilantro, or celery sticks to the smoothie or salad – as long as fruit remains the main ingredient.

Mid-morning Snack

This meal is similar to the breakfast or can even be a continuation of breakfast, just eaten a little bit later. Another suggestion is to drink the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie.


Lunch is based on a green salad composed of fresh spinach, lettuce, and cucumbers. Other options are cauliflower, arugula, kale, celery, and sprouts. Any fruit or vegetable you want can be added to the salad – berries, mango, papaya, grapes, orange and/or grapefruit. If you want a salad dressing - blend half an avocado with some cilantro, orange juice, garlic and ginger.

The trick here is to eat a really big salad. While the fruits and vegetables provide all the nutrients you need, they won’t supply the calories you need to keep you going.

Afternoon snack

The afternoon snack is composed of any type of fruit you want, combined with celery sticks or leafy greens to supply the mineral salts your body needs. Raw honey can also be used as a great pick-me–up, as is or in an herbal drink.


For dinner a cold Spinach Soup can be made with cucumber “noodles” (Grated zucchini or spaghetti squash is harder to digest, and so should be integrated after the 28-Day Healing Cleanse). Dinner can also be similar to or the same as lunch.


If you are still hungry after dinner, you can snack on an apple and dates, as well as a cup of herbal tea.

Variations on the central theme

Any fresh fruit or vegetable can be added to any of the meals. If you are dealing with any health problems, I suggest you incorporate some of the fruit and vegetables recommended in the relevant articles found on this website.

Often we feel that a diet based on fresh fruits and vegetables isn’t healthy or is lacking in protein. When we feel physical symptoms like weakness and fatigue while following a raw food diet, we often assume this to be the result of not eating enough protein, when actually it is the result of not enough calories. When we move from a diet high in animal products or processed food, to a plant based diet, we often do not increase the volume of food eaten. Fruits and vegetables are lower in calories than animal products, so we need to eat a much larger volume of food in order to ingest enough calories (i.e. by grazing throughout the day).

In regards to any fears of not eating enough protein, every fruit, vegetable and leafy green contains bioavailable protein that the body can easily assimilate. If you eat enough fruits and vegetables, you will get all the protein you need. However, if you feel you need something more “substantial”, try adding a few nuts or coconut butter to any of the meals.

If you feel a need for cooked food, vegetable soup or steamed vegetables can be incorporated in any of the meals – just remember to add a handful of sprouts, leafy greens or raw celery to the meal to aid in digestion.

  • It is possible to eat a meal composed of only one fruit.

  • Aloe Vera gel can be added to the smoothie, which is especially important if you are dealing with digestive issues or urinary infections.

  • If you have digestive issues, it is best to start the day with straight celery juice.

  • A great addition to any meal is mango salsa - mango, tomato, cucumber, cilantro and garlic, mixed together in a food processor.

  • A great detox combination is ground apples with cauliflower or apples and cabbage

  • If you suspect Adrenal Fatigue or High Blood Sugar – graze continually throughout the day.

  • To enhance detoxification, cut back on avocado and any other fat you may be eating for a week, and/or eliminate salt from the diet.


Often when changing from one diet to another, we find ourselves craving certain foods. It is helpful to remember that this diet lasts only 28 days, and that you can go back to whatever you miss soon enough. This diet creates a very intense detox which can awaken emotional issues, as well as physical sensations. I recommend doing this diet when you can take some time off, if needed, to give the body and soul time to adjust. As negativity leaves the body and soul, there’s more room for more positive emotions and vitality.

After you’ve finished the 28 days, give yourself a bit of time to readjust. I recommend that you start with some cooked vegetables or grains that are easy to digest like quinoa and brown rice. Some people will choose to continue on a similar diet, while others will want to go back to eating animal protein. We are different and diverse, and all approaches should be honored. Just remember to be gentle with your digestive system and liver, and to go easy on fat and processed foods.

In conclusion

Often we begin our healing process with a change in diet. This is important, for we cannot continue our old habits and create better health. Changing our diet is only part of the healing process. Behind every “bad” habit lays negative emotions and limiting beliefs – if we feel unworthy or not good enough, we will make decisions that reflect these beliefs.

Fresh fruits and vegetables hold a very high vibration, and when we eat lots of these foods, our body learns to assimilate these healing frequencies. This is turn can help us see ourselves and surroundings from a higher and broader perspective, and as we do this, it becomes easier to implement the positive inner changes.

So, as my dad loved saying – “Eat every carrot and pea on your plate.”

With Love,


Information in this article was taken from Anthony William's book | Medical Medium