Medical Medium's Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

Chelating Heavy Metals Naturally

Something is going on! Have you ever wondered why so many diseases are on the rise? Why do we have such a higher incidence of diseases like diabetes today, or experience new diseases such as ALS and types of cancer that didn’t even exist 100 years ago? Why are small children often susceptible to diseases like chronic ear infections or celiac, or why are they are challenged with learning disabilities and/or behavioral problems? Why is it so hard to heal from chronic disease, even when we carefully watch our diet? Is it due to bad genes or diet? We need to better educate ourselves so that we can prevent and even reverse these negative trends and improve the state of our health and the health of our loved ones.

The History of Toxic Heavy Metals

Many will be surprised to learn that toxic heavy metals have been inside of us since before we were born. These heavy metals are passed on through our family line and can be up to a thousand years old. As these metals are passed from generation to generation, each subsequent generation grows more intolerant to the toxic heavy metal found within the body. Over time, these metals can oxidize and cause damage to surrounding tissue and promote inflammation. These metals poison our bodies and can inflict damage to virtually every system and organ, including the brain, liver, digestive system and nervous system. This weighs heavily on the immune system, leaving us vulnerable to illness and dis-ease.

So where do these ancient heavy metals come from?

Mercury elixirs have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, but they became particularly popular during the 1700’s and 1800’s. During this period of time, mercury was considered a “cure-all” for anything from a broken leg to syphilis. Believe it or not, despite the known toxicity, this tonic was extensively prescribed by physicians, regardless of the age or the health of the patient. The effects of drinking mercury were so devastating that towards the end of the 1800’s people were willing to go to any practitioner that did not advocate the use of these elixirs. This gave rise to the modern day movement of alternative medicine - an approach that did not advocate the use of toxins as a method of healing.

Mercury elixirs are just one example of how toxic heavy metals have entered our bodies. The industrial revolution brought about a huge increase in the use of toxic metals (alongside additional toxins), which reach us via the water we drink, the food we eat, and the air we breath. Many of these toxic products are found in cosmetics, sprayed on clothes, carpets and upholstery, and found within many household products that we use daily. Often we are not aware that these toxins are absorbed through our skin and the air we breath.

Due to the increase in exposure to heavy metals, over the last 30 years we’ve grown more intolerant to mercury than ever before. New mercury and other toxic metals continue to enter our bodies in many different ways. At this present time, it is virtually impossible to avoid mercury contamination. If you’ve ever eaten tuna, had your house or lawn sprayed with pesticides fungicides or herbicides... if you’ve eaten conventionally grown food, or eaten food wrapped or cooked in aluminum pots and containers… if you have amalgam fillings, use lipstick, perfume, or other cosmetics… chances are you have toxic heavy metals in your system.

These heavy metals are deep in our organs and don’t leave our bodies unless we know exactly how to detoxify them the right way. Mercury is particularly treacherous as it gathers together in the body; the mercury our forefathers have passed on to us bonds with the new mercury entering our system

Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy metals can cause ADHD and ADD, autism, depression, OCD, mood disorders, Alzheimer’s, concentration and memory loss. Toxic heavy metals feed bacteria and viruses such as streptococcus, E. coli, C. difficile, H. pylori and yeast cells. Viruses, such as the Epstein-Barr and shingles, feed off toxic heavy metals, creating byproducts that are toxic to the nervous system, causing symptoms such as tingling, numbness, fatigue, anxiety, heart palpitations, ringing in the ears, dizziness and vertigo, joint and back pain and a variety of other aches and pains which are mistakenly attributed to other causes.

Over time, mercury builds on itself and becomes more toxic. This explains the rise in disorders such as OCD, depression, memory loss, learning disabilities, autism and chronic disease (not to mention the increased incidents of cancer). When heavy metals settle around neurotransmitters, they cause short circuiting and a “burn out” that affects us emotionally as well as neurologically.

Heavy metals tend to settle in different areas of the body, and each of us has a unique combination of heavy metals that bind together creating toxic alloys. This is why symptoms of heavy metal poisoning differ greatly. The level of oxidation and the type of pathogens that feed off the heavy metal also creates a tremendously wide variety of symptoms that confuse the patient and health practitioner alike. It is vitally important that we learn to properly remove these toxins before they wreak further havoc.

Detoxifying Heavy Metals

Anthony William, the Medical Medium, has put together these five critical foods that work together to pull out heavy metals from deep within the body, in a safe and optimal manner: cilantro, wild blueberries, Hawaiian spirulina, barley grass juice extract powder and Atlantic dulse.

Cilantro goes deep into hard to reach places, extracting the inherited heavy metals. We need to consume a cup a day for the cilantro to be effective. For those who have great difficulty with the taste of cilantro, parsley can be substituted.

Wild blueberry is an adaptogen and is the only esoteric food on the planet. There is not a cancer that wild blueberries cannot prevent, nor a disease that they cannot protect you from. Cultivated blueberries are great, but don’t come close to the healing power of their wild cousins. No other food on the planet has the ability to thrive in such trying conditions as this humble fruit. Wild blueberries are a metaphysical fruit, colored a deep blue through and through, bringing us the spiritual energy of eternity. The potent antioxidants within these gems know to draw out heavy metal from our brain tissue, healing and repairing any gaps created by oxidation. Wild blueberries can halt diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. To receive the full benefit of this fruit, we need to eat at least one cup daily.

Spirulina is an edible blue-green algae grown in many different places around the world. The quality of the spirulina is based on the quality of the water in which the spirulina grows, and Hawaiian spirulina is the best. Spirulina draws out heavy metals from the brain, central nervous system and liver, soaking up the heavy metals extracted by barley grass juice extract powder. The recommended dosage is 2 teaspoons mixed in water, coconut water or juice daily.

Barley grass juice extract powder prepares the mercury for complete absorption by the spirulina. This nutritive grass has the ability to draw heavy metals out to the spleen, intestinal tract, pancreas, thyroid, and reproductive system. The recommended dosage is 1-2 teaspoons mixed into coconut water or juice daily.

Atlantic dulse is an edible seaweed that binds to mercury, lead, aluminum, copper, cadmium, and nickel. Unlike other seaweeds, Atlantic dulse is a powerful force for removing mercury on its own. Dulse goes into deep hidden places of the digestive tract and gut, seeking our mercury, binding to it, and never letting it go. Atlantic sea dulse will not release any mercury it may possess due to its ability to hold on to heavy metals and drive them out of our system. Dulse serves as an emergency backup, ensuring that all the heavy metals that have made it as far as the colon actually leave the body. The recommended dosage is 2 tablespoons daily.

In addition to these 5 foods, celery juice is an important accompaniment. The mineral salts in celery juice help to flush metals out of the liver and repair nerve damage caused by the toxic heavy metals.

The Smoothie recipe

This recipe is a simple and tasty way to incorporate all of the 5 essential foods for safely removing toxic heavy metals. When taken daily this smoothie grants optimal benefits.


  • 2 bananas
  • 2 cups of wild blueberries
  • 1 cup of cilantro
  • 1 cup of orange juice
  • 1 tsp. Barley grass juice powder
  • 1 tsp. Spirulina
  • A small handful of Atlantic dulse

Directions: add all of the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Add more water if needed to create the desired consistency.

For more information regarding the ingredients of the smoothie, contact Sarah Danzon

In conclusion

The environment we live in is an extension of our physical body. Nature is a carefully balanced mechanism that interacts with our every move. What we do with the planet, we do to ourselves. As a human race we have often been arrogant in thinking that we can do as we please - play with chemicals and toxins, pollute and poison, and not pay the price for this recklessness. It is all too easy to blame corporate greed for polluting our water, soil, and air, but without a complacent public, they are powerless.

In addition to becoming more aware of the quality of our environment, we need to also stop and evaluate the contents of the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the cosmetics we put on our bodies and hair, and in the medications we take. There are always safer and better choices. The more aware and educated we become, the easier it will be to make healthier choices.

When seeking to create change, it is imperative to first stop and evaluate how the present reality was created. Our forefathers knew that mercury, arsenic, and lead were toxic, but they chose to use and ingest it nonetheless. Today we are more aware than ever before. We know that many of the chemicals we use are toxic, yet we often choose to look the other way. As we internalize the extent of the damage we cause to our surroundings, our children, and ourselves, it becomes easier to make wiser choices. This is a time of awakening, we are awakening to the implications of every choice we make. We have the power to change our bodies and the world we live in, but we need to make better choices for this to happen - our lives and our children’s lives depend on us.

What we create, shall be.

With love,


Information in this article is based on Anthony William’s work

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