Ecoprint - Galit Pagot

Ecological Art - merging earth and nature to create art

As an artist I have a calling and passion to connect people with Mother Earth and nature by creating art using natural materials. I connect with nature by working with the soil, which reminds me of open spaces that fills me with contentment and wellbeing.

Every time I look out of my window I receive inspiration, as I observe the continually changing landscape that surrounds me. Sometimes I focus on the landscape, while other times natures endless details and shapes draw my attention. At times I create textures by weaving bits and pieces together, while other times the shape of a leaf will be all I need.

The Earth provides my raw material (usually Terra Rossa or other clay like soils).

Earth shows me the way, teaching patience and how to be gentle with myself and others, mentoring me to accept and open my heart to human nature and my surroundings.

The soil of the earth has taught me how to embrace my needs, ground myself, and better connect with who I truly am, and thus create better health and peace of mind. The earth has taught me perseverance, determination, and true satisfaction.

However more than anything else, the soil is my home.