3:6:9 Liver Cleanse - Beth Brayer

Based on Anthony William's 3:6:9 Liver Rescue

This workshop presents a whole new way to detox the liver safely in 9 days and is based on Anthony William's, the Medical Medium, book Liver Rescue. In this workshop we go over the physiological and energetic aspects of the liver, to bring you a complete picture that explains everything you need to know and do, to support your liver.

Ever since the Industrial Revolution humanity has been gradually exposed to an increase in toxins, which have reached an all-time high. In addition to the rise in environmental toxins, our liver also suffers from ongoing stress and poor eating habits. More than ever before in human history, your liver needs help.

Liver Rescue 3:6:9 is much more than a detox program, this is a whole new way to build reciprocal relations with your body and surroundings. The state of your liver reflexes your world and as you learn to take better care of your liver, you will also learn to better cherish and protect your body as well as your external surroundings.

This 9-day detox is adapted to your personal eating habits, though you most likely will be making some changes. One of the principles of this detox is to learn how to care for the liver by eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables in a manner that is accompanied by ease. This will help the liver to release toxins to be escorted safely out of your body. If you force the liver to release too many toxins at once, this will cause the liver to 'lock-in' toxins to ensure that essential organs are not harmed. This is why you want to detox using a safe and gentle process.

This workshop is composed of 3 meetings on zoom and is accompanied by reading material that complements the meeting and will help clarify things as we continue together.

In the opening meeting we will go over the principles of the cleanse, and go into greater detail as we continue. You will learn about the different foods that support you liver in a whole new light so that you will be able to implement the cleanse with more ease as you adopt new habits to support you and your body as you continue on your journey of better health and self-discovery.

After the initial meeting we will continue to work together as a group. You will receive tutorial videos and additional instructions to help make the different steps easy to follow as you continue forward. This will also provide a platform for any questions and thoughts you may have throughout the process.

The workshop is hosted by Beth and Judy who both have formal education in Herbal Medicine, as well as nutrition and holistic medicine.

As we learn to work with our bodies, and restore inner peace, this will create a safer internal and external environment for all.

The workshop includes 3 zoom meetings, 2 personal 1 0n 1 meetings, and an internet booklet.

The price is 900 ILS, which includes a 200 ILS registration fees.

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We would love to have you join us,

Beth Brayer – Naturopath and Clinical Herbalist

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