Sarah Danzon

Hi – I’m Sara Danzon and I live in Kfar Monash with my husband and two children. Sometime around the turn on the century I felt an awakening and a desire to connect with a sense of purpose, seeking the reason I’m here on this Earth, in this time-space reality.

It so happened that at the time I met an extraordinary woman who told me that I had a talent for transmitting energy through my hands, and that I should consider learning the art of healing. I always knew that I wanted to assist others in healing, but I wasn’t too sure how to go about it, until I noticed that there was something that attracted me to the art of Reflexology. Our feet provide the foundation we need to walk upon this Earth. When this foundation is sturdy and strong, we can then learn to soar.

Reflexology is an ancient and powerful art of healing. Our feet hold pressure points that reflect the entire body and all of its organs. Using touch and different techniques, we send messages to the body that awaken a natural process of healing and homeostasis.

There are two areas of healing that I am particularly drawn to: Diabetes and the female reproductive system. I feel that reflexology is particularly adapted to assist diabetics, and is best when integrated with conventional treatment. Diabetics often suffer from symptoms and complications related to a lack of blood reaching the physical extremities. Reflexology is a powerful tool that helps alleviate the symptoms and assists in healing. The Female reproductive system is a very delicate system and is easily influenced by our thoughts and emotions. Reflexology is a great tool that supports conventional treatments by assisting in alleviating stress and negative emotions that often are a part of our lives. Reflexology also supports the reproductive organs by enhancing the energy and blood flow, which in turn nourishes these important organs.

In the year 2011 I began my studies at The Cosmic University, which is a format for personal growth and development, and also called The Path of the Simplicity in Divinity. The consciousness and system of mentoring that Cosmic University provides is the foundation for my work today as a healer. When assisting others on their path to well being, I relate to all of the human components – mind, body, emotions, spirit and soul.

I have always held an inner belief that herbs, vegetables, fruit, legumes and grains are the basis for good health. When I eat a diet based on these foods I can feel how these foods support both body and soul. I find the healing powers of herbs, fruits and vegetables fascinating. Nature is extremely generous, granting all the forces for healing needed. There is so much knowledge out there, and so much more revealed every day. All we need to do is open our hearts and assist our bodies in creating the wellbeing that is our birthright.

With love and good health,

Sara Danzon